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Prophetic Word

Posted by Jereme Smith on

Prophetic Word - July 30, 2018


I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand. The wind is about to blow. Until then, stay alert and ready. Keep positioning yourself to catch the wave. Don’t grow weary of doing well. The real work is beneath the surface - where you can’t see anything taking place. This is the part where it’s hard to just be patient. If you’ll hang on and keep doing what you know to do, soon the harvest shoots up through the ground. The rain falls, and the wind blows, and your life takes off. Until then, keep reading the Word, praying, fellow shipping with the saints, tithing, exhorting one another, serving, worshiping the Lord privately and publicly with other believers. Even though the cloud looks small, it’s growing, and God is moving. He’s working things out beneath the surface and soon you will see the manifestation of that work above the surface. He who began a good work IN you will complete it. He always finishes what He starts. Stay on the potter’s wheel and let His hands perfect those things that concern you. He’s not finished with you yet. What once looked like devastation, God is restoring it. What once looked like demise, God is raising up a new one. What once looked like disappointment, God is healing a broken heart. Be encouraged today and know that God has been fashioning you for a purpose. That purpose is greater than what you think. God is greater than you think. In your eyes you look a grasshopper in a giant’s face. Really, you are the giant looking at grasshoppers. David was smaller in stature, but by My Spirit he was the giant. David could see that he was much bigger than the giant because he knew I was greater than the giant and the entire Philistine army. I am with you and for you and I’m turning things around in your life. Keep positioning yourself in the proper place to keep yourself ready for My move. I’m ready and I’m willing. I’m coming your way. 



Jereme Smith

Lead Pastor

New Life Church